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Post  L0rd on Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:31 am

Q, bloody well done on keeping this place up and running. I got into somewhat of a nostalgia binge and thought I'd go on the hunt for these forums. Can't believe I managed to find it. So many good times in this game, and on these forums with you guys.

An update I suppose. Well, I'm 22 years old. I must've started playing this game at around 13? I can't remember. I'm just about to finish my second-to-last year of university, which is annoying. School beats work, so I kind of wish I could drag it out a bit longer. I'm doing much better academically at University compared to high school; I do not doubt that no longer playing video games is significant in this regard. Moved out of home to study of course, which has been awesome. Not sure if you all remember that Neitana is my older brother, thus, we both now live in the same city. I'm flatting with my girlfriend and a few friends; it's a small place but a stone's throw to campus. The convenience far outweighs the lack of space. The Mrs will finish her Masters this year which is exciting, but means we'll probably live apart next year as she looks to get her career underway, and I finish my studies. After I graduate, I plan to take some time to put some money aside, and use it to try and see some of the world - how unique. As I look to settle down into a career, I am hoping to work for the police in some capacity; preferably front line.

As of right this second, I am procrastinating. I have my last exam of the year tomorrow afternoon, and really can't be bothered. Have been thrashing the gym recently but bloody tore my hamstring last week while playing rugby; classic. She'll be right though. Bloody Archlord huh? So many memories. Mostly of our god awful desktop which could barely run the game at the lowest of possible settings, coupled with our utterly crippled ASDL1 connection which failed any time someone within a 100km radius used their microwave. I think I joined ProjctMayhem with my Elementalist. Goodness knows what level I was, not very high. Q must've been bloody desperate. Though she didn't have much in the way of defence, that little bastard packed a hell of a punch. Like a shock trooper, and as long as I got the first hit I was in a pretty good place. My mage, Lordr3fractur3; Christ what a name. I swear replacing letters with numbers was still cool then. This remained my highest level character, which even after all the freaking hours I committed to this game, I think only ever made 60. I really despised grinding. She was an utter beast though, I remember that much. I had such a good combination of gear too, scrounged from Q and others, some hand-me-downs from Marzi and Momuffin I believe. At some point I somehow came into the possession of Skittles(?) account. I think it was Skittles? Maybe Plox? That dude was famous as hell, and I think in a drunken stupor, relinquished his account to me. Remember those fancy rings that everyone craved? Blode and Shuta? I think I was the first to get a Blode. It was bloody brilliant. I would lend it out to folk, and everything was swell. Then I lost it in a scam while swapping for a Shuta and some gold. The worst deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever. I think that's when my desire to play the game finally started to fade.

Who do I remember?

Quixote - Obviously. Top quality bloke. You did a great job keeping this guild afloat. For such a small group, I like to think we packed a hell of a punch. This will mean nothing to those of you who aren't kiwi's, but I like to think of ProjctMayhem as the New Zealand First Party of Archlord. A bunch of intellectually questionable, societal rejects; held together by an undoubtedly charismatic, though ultimately retarded leader. You Quixote, you were that retarded leader. Well done mate. Hope things are going well.

Marzipan - Another top quality bloke. As with Q, you were always willing to help a complete noob. You were also the best mage on the server, screw what anyone else said. Who was that guild we used to have beef with? I can't for the life of me remember their names. They were proper twats though, and we spent many an hour giving em' hell. I remember there was a period where Q went on a hiatus, and you somewhat reluctantly took over as leader. Q was Avon Barksdale and you were Stringer Bell. I think you ultimately tried to change the guild for the better, but in the end it wasn't to be. We recruited a bunch of new folk; some great, most useless. You even brokered an alliance with Atlantis, and that pikey little prick who used to lead them. He was a top lad, and so were you mate. Good on ya.

Lies - Shit mate, I can't quite remember what your name actually was in game. Didn't it start with a V? Maybe it ended with lies as well? Sorry mate. Lies, ProjctMayhem's resident psychopath. An absolute shitcase, and we wouldn't have you any other way. I think you were an archer? A bloody nifty one too I recall. You stuck around for the longest I think mate, when things started to wind down. I can't remember which one of us joined Mayhem first, but you were definitely there for the long run. I know you've had some ups and downs, here's to more ups. Cheers mate.

I can't believe I've forgotten so many names. I write this before trawling through all of the old posts, so I know I will be reminded of some others. Mostly, I just want to say thank you for all of the good times. For certainly not better, and definitely worse, Archlord was a big part of my childhood, which means all of you were as well. As such, it is a bloody miracle that myself, and other young folks like Lies have made it this far. Here's to making it a little further.

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