My Sorcerer Build (Lvl 64)

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My Sorcerer Build (Lvl 64)

Post  Asdfghjklka on Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:30 am

If you use combination pots with lenses, you don't really need whirlpool. Whenever I use those two cc items, I just use mass snare, wind quake, and firestorm. I reset the "Life Restore" skill because 70HP per 10 seconds won't really do anything for you when mobs hit you for 200-300 a piece and PvPers would just inflict major damage to you.
For combo skills so far I used
- 4 on Ethereal Impale
- 5 on Firestorm
- 4 on Legion of the Dead
- 1 on Death Pact
- 2 on Unholy Casting
- 1 on Requiem

If you haven't reached lvl 62 yet, continue to use the "Power Staff" buff because staff's are stronger than wands. Once you reached 62, get "Unholy Casting" and reset your "Power Staff." Then add all the points to "Power Wand." It's a great skill to have, I basically traded power for speed. Max endurance as soon as possible for more health. Any further questions, just reply here or if you see me in game. Enjoy!

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Re: My Sorcerer Build (Lvl 64)

Post  L0rd on Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:41 am

i just whipped this up quickly...

Points Needed: 79

Highest Level Skill: 64

Minimum Level Needed: 64

Mass Snare: 5/5
Whirlpool: 5/5
Soul Chaos: 5/5
Power Wand: 5/5
Wind Quake: 5/5
Testament: 5/5
Halt: 5/5
Optimum: 5/5
Mana Pull: 5/5
Assimilate: 5/5
Endurance: 5/5
Armament: 5/5
Ethereal Impale: 4/5
Firestorm: 5/5
Legion of the Dead: 4/5
Requiem: 2/5
Unholy Casting: 2/5
Death Pact: 2/5

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